Pull up a stool and pour yourself a cup of something cozy and sweet.

I’m known as the Badge Queen in anthropomorphic convention circles–my specialty is cute, fuzzy, little. I love to draw all kinds of cute things, though, and I created this Patreon page to bring you along on my art journey. You’ll find cute little animals, to be sure, but you’ll also find work-in-progress sketches, café doodles, travel art, and much more, as well as special perks for premium patrons.

I spend a lot of time doing commissions and project work, but my hope is that we can build a community of art lovers that I can share more of myself with–the sketches I come up with when I’m just daydreaming, the back stories for a particular piece, the hows of starting your own art freelance business, even life stories that I generally don’t share with folks. It’s a more intimate, creative journey we’re going on here.

Come hang out with me, and please drop me a note if you have any comments or questions! (Also, can you grab me another of those pumpkin muffins?)

Watch for these new changes coming, effective January 1!