Making plans

The Autumn Equinox is almost upon us. The summer was glorious—sunny days full of adventure and travel. It was an abrupt turn to Autumn, though; one day it was still a hot and dry 30 (Celsius), and the next it was cool and rainy… and it kind of stayed cool. I’m not complaining, though. I […]

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Good beginnings

What a beautiful morning. Started my day with a green smoothie and fresh berries and a French lesson, then walked with the boys to their bus stops, with a meditation in between. Continued on a longer walk around the meadow, which is bursting with fresh leaves, clover, and birdsong. Did some weights when I came […]

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Our Life

I started this comic strip to capture some of the goofy things our kids were doing. In this instance, Cian had put together this contraption that he called the Sleep Puker (which actually might have come in handy, as Cian wasn’t that adept at reaching the bathroom when he was sick).

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