The Autumn Equinox is almost upon us. The summer was glorious—sunny days full of adventure and travel. It was an abrupt turn to Autumn, though; one day it was still a hot and dry 30 (Celsius), and the next it was cool and rainy… and it kind of stayed cool. I’m not complaining, though. I like crisp fall days, where I can throw on some layers and my Doc Martens, sip a PSL, and plan lentil soup and apple-rhubarb crisp for dinner.

I’m also planning my convention schedule for the next 9 months! I do love traveling to conventions: hanging out with my artist pals, drawing up a storm, and meeting fans both new and seasoned. Hopefully I’ll get to see you at one of my upcoming cons.

My first one is Anthro Northwest, a new convention in Seattle November 10-12. I love Seattle, and I’m so happy that there’s a new con there now! It’s right downtown, a few blocks away from Pike Place Market, the Space Needle, and the Starbucks Roastery (which is where I’ll be making a trip!)

Next is Midwest Furfest in Chicago November 30-December 3. This’ll be our first year in the Rosemont Convention Centre—will attendance break records this year? This is one of my favourite cons of the year, and I’ll have my holiday artwork with me.

2018 starts off with Further Confusion in San Jose, CA January 12-15—Silicon Valley. I love getting away to California in the middle of our Canadian winter!

I’ll be in Texas for Furry Fiesta February 8-12, in their new digs downtown Dallas. Looks like a great location, with lots to do!

March 8-11 I’ll be in Vancouver BC for Vancoufur, my first time there. I don’t think any of my artist posse will be there, so I’ll have to make new friends!

Then May 10-14 I’ll be in Reno for Biggest Little FurCon. This con is a blast; so much to do in the hotel! And the pool will be open this year (we watched them renovate it last year).

June 14-17 is my almost-local con: FurEh! in Edmonton AB. It’s so neat to see how they’ve grown, and I love seeing my locals at this one.

And wrapping up the season is Anthrocon July 5-8 in Pittsburgh, the biggest furry convention (to date!), where the town really gets involved in supporting their furries.

So tell me—what are your travel plans this year? Will I see you at one of the events I’ll be attending?

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