Mailing list subscribers get first dibs on these new designs! Choose from the images below and I’ll customize it with your character–can be any species and gender. The badges on the far right (B/C and E/F) can be done as pairs, or separately (the eyes will be changed to look at the viewer). If your character has complex markings it will be an additional $5.

If you would like it coloured traditionally with markers I’ll mail you the original (shipping is $5 within Canada, $8 to the US, $12 international), or you can have it coloured digitally, and I’ll email you a high-res scan. These are priced at $85 US plus shipping if applicable. Email me with the image you’d like (first come first served for traditional marker, no reserve on digital), and include a reference picture of your character.

Order today! This announcement will go up on FurAffinity tomorrow (Saturday April 13).

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