’Tis the season for a spooky tale. Gather close children…

Lightning flares, illuminating the dark clouds. The drizzle of rain that had been annoying now picks up intensity. The only shelter you can see is an unlit manor crouching on the hill above. One lone lamp struggles against the darkness, lighting a heavy wooden door. With a sigh, knowing that these kind of stories never end well, you duck your head against the rain and hasten to the manor.

Your knock goes unanswered, but the door pushes open with barely a creak. Inside, candle sconces reveal an empty foyer. The shadows hold their breath as you cautiously step towards a room that opens off the foyer. Here a fire crackles and an oversized armchair draped with a soft grey blanket promises warmth. The ornately carved end table is occupied by colourful bottles of what could be exotic liqueurs. The squat glass begs to be filled, so you choose one of the bottles, pull out the stopper, and pour it into the glass. Settling into the cushiony chair, you down the liqueur. 

Warmth fills your throat, sparkles in your chest, and then coils in your belly. A tingling ripples along your arms. Something is happening, and you realize that this was no ordinary liqueur!


I’m so excited to announce our next Cabal stream on Tigerdile, October 24th from 1-4 pm ET. Join Dark Natasha, Michele Light, Sara “Caribou” Miles and I for a fun-filled evening of drawing, silly chats, and even some giveaways. Bring your favourite beverage, get cozy, and light the candles for our Monster-themed Tigerdile stream.

This time we’re offering Monsterfy commissions: choose one of the sparkly, alluring potion bottles, and your character will transform in unexpected ways while we draw it. Not for the faint of heart, this kind of experience requires daring and a healthy sense of adventure!

I’ve never offered this kind of commission before, and I’m so looking forward to it! Here are the details of my Monsterfy commissions:

These are 4×5” colour digital commissions, which I’ll be drawing on my iPad in Procreate during the stream. Payment of $95 US is payable by PayPal prior to drawing.

Ready to jump into the void? Email me to snare your slot!

The potion bottle you choose may contain a hint as to the kind of transformation it results in… or not! Trust me, though, that you will be surprised and delighted with your Monsterfy transformation. The same potion may be chosen more than once, but the results will be varied for each character.

I will have time for up to 4 commissions on the stream on October 24 (Edit: 2 slots left as of Oct. 18/20), but if there are more takers I will work on your Monsterfy commission the following week, to be completed before All Hallow’s Eve, October 31.


Fine details Terms of Service:

Because this is a blind commission, it is completely artist’s choice—you will not have an opportunity to either see the pencil sketch or determine the outcome of your digital commission. Your character may experience changes to their colour, shape, and certain features. Your results are unpredictable, (but it will be awesome!). 

You will receive the 300 dpi 4×5” image, and you are free to crop it for use as an avatar, print it out and laminate, or just show off online.

For an extra $10 I can format it as a Telegram sticker for you (with white border and drop shadow), which you can add to your own Telegram pack or access from my own Halloween sticker pack.


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