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Basic Badge – $150 US

Includes one full-body character with simple clothing (example: t-shirt and shorts) and up to 2 simple accessories (example: basic teddy bear, pacifier).

Choose add-ons for an additional $5-10 each:
• Accessory (example: backpack, detailed toy)
• Background
• Costume or special outfit
• Complex character (4+ colours, wings, lights spots on dark body)

Complete this form to order your badge commission.

You can also email me with any questions.
To see more examples of my badges, visit my gallery on Furaffinity


“This is beyond fantastic, thank you SO MUCH for the work you did on this. I did want to take a minute and say that in this crazy world that’s just getting crazier, it’s so nice to be able to work with someone that helps people feel a little less crazy and a little more happy. It has been an absolute joy to have the opportunity to commission you over the years.” –Jordan

“I-I’m speechless…ITS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE D:” –Allan

“I’ll be a returning customer hopefully soon! One of the best experiences getting a commission. I can’t thank you enough<3” –Emma

How to Order Your Commission

Email me with your request. If you have reference pictures of your character, that’s wonderful, but if you don’t, I’m quite good at interpreting your written description.
Details: What is your character’s age, gender, species? What pose, expression, or outfit do you have in mind?
Payment: Once I’ve confirmed your total cost, you can send in your payment by PayPal (don’t forget to let me know your mailing name and address).
Process: After I’ve received your payment, I’ll do a pencil sketch of your commission and email it to you for approval.
This is your opportunity to let me know how much you love it and can’t wait for me to finish it, or if you’d like me to make some changes (there is a fee for major changes like a totally new pose).
I’ll finish inking and colouring your commission, email you a digital scan (which you’re free to post on the web, as long as you credit me), and then mail you the original.
Note: I use Prismacolor markers for my traditional artwork. To preserve your commission so that it doesn’t fade, keep it away from bright light (especially sunlight).