“My students were captivated by Marci from the moment she stepped into our classroom! She was patient, kind, creative and allowed every student to share and contribute, she’s a master of her craft!”
– Lindsey, Grade 5/6 teacher, Sundance Elementary

“My students were very excited to have art class with Marci. They had lot of fun and they have learned so many things. I was very happy to see them apply what they have learned in their day to day writing (speech bubbles, emotions for the characters, details). They also felt very proud of their work.”
– Lilliana, Kindergarten teacher, Sundance Elementary

“Having Marci McAdam into our class was a wonderful experience for one and all!  The lessons introduced skills in a step-by-step fashion that helped students leave behind their old ways of drawing and explore the rich medium of cartooning.  The lessons on expression and action applied very well to the work we had been doing in story writing and enriched our Language Learning.  The students were very engaged in creating their unique characters using the cartooning skills that they were taught to build a multi-page cartoon.  I have seen several of the students carry the cartooning skills learned forward into projects later in the year.
Marci McAdam is a talented artist and a natural teacher.  She readily recognized the needs of the students and provided feedback and encouragement skillfully.  She was also flexible in terms of planning around my needs as the classroom teacher.”
– Shelley, Grade 5/6 teacher, Sundance Elementary

“Marci McAdam did a workshop in my classroom on 2 different occasions.  A very talented artist and an educator, Marci was able to address objectives in my art and social studies curriculum.  My students enjoyed listening to her PowerPoint presentation on the “Spirit of Nature” and looking at her impressive artwork.  Through her presentation, students learned to appreciate art inspired by work of First Nations artists such as Norval Morrisseau.  For their project, my students created a drawing of an animal using bright and bold colours and thick black outlines.  My students were proud of their accomplishment and my bulletin board is absolutely beautiful and colourful.  Thank you, Marci!”
– Guylaine McTague, Grade 4 Teacher, Varsity Acres School