Thank you for reading my Terms of Service! This assumes your agreement.

Artist’s Rights:

– By commissioning me, you are purchasing my labor only. I retain all copyrights over my work, which include but are not limited to the right to: distribute, reproduce, copy and/or use the image as a sample for sales or self-promotion
– If you prefer your commission to remain private, you must let me know in advance (additional fees may be charged to keep artwork unpublished)

– I am free to reject your commission for any reason without explanation
– I am free to alter my Terms of Service at any time

Commissioner Rights:

– Commissioners will receive a compressed image scan (.PNG) of any art I complete for them, not a layered document (.SAI, .PSD), unless agreed to in advance
– You may post your commissioned art to social media or personal galleries with proper credit and link back to one of my own galleries (FurAffinity or my website or link to Twitter or Instagram)
            + You are allowed to crop the art within reason, for use as an icon, ect. (with credit)
            + You may use your commissioned art on your personal site, for banners, ect. (with credit)
– The commissioner may not make copies, prints or merchandise of my work for the purpose of profit by selling it
– All commissions are for personal use only unless stated otherwise. I am available for commercial work, but this is a separate arrangement
​- You may not claim the work as your own


– I require payment before starting work, unless agreed otherwise beforehand
– Any payments made as part of a payment plan are non-refundable
– Prices are listed in USD, and Payments are accepted in USD via PayPal (or via Canadian bank e-transfer, by special arrangement only)
– I accept tips, and they are greatly appreciated ! 


– When buying a design, you are purchasing my labor and partial rights to the design. I retain all copyrights over my work, which include but are not limited to the right to: distribute, reproduce, copy and/or use the image as a sample for sales or self-promotion. 
–  I claim all rights to the Intellectual Property
– Designs are for personal use only, commercial use of a design received from myself is not allowed
– Designs may only be resold for the amount they were originally bought 

– If re-posting my original art for the adoptable, please link back to one of my accounts (Furaffinity or my website)
– Small changes to a design purchased from me are fine (ex: hair color, added accessories, gender change) please make note of the changes where necessary, and I must still be credited for the design 
 Do not trace, make edits or alterations to an image I have drawn.
– You may edit your design, but please retain the original design/image. *You cannot treat your edited version and the original design as 2 separate designs, you can only use one or the other!
– If re-selling or trading a design, don’t impose additional rules onto the design; the only rules anyone is obligated to follow are my own 

★ Clover Hills
– All previous rules still apply to the Clover Hills characters (excluding any changes to the original adopt)
– Changes to the original design *MUST* be run by myself before continuing, as it may interfere with their lore / rarity 
– Please contact me before reselling or trading your Clover Hills character ! It’s important to me I know where they are
-Derivative art and/or writing of your Clover Hills character must be G-rated, in keeping with the childlike spirit of the Clover Hills world


– For mail-order commissions (badges, 8×10 commissions, etc.) I provide one work-in-progress sketch for approval
– On more complex pieces, I may send more than one WIP sketch to the commissioner for approval

– I am generally okay with small edits, though large or excessive revisions on a commission in progress may result in an additional fee. The exception to this is if I have made a mistake in reading your written details of your commission
– I work somewhat sporadically, but do my best to complete commissions within two weeks-two months
– I will not re-do your commission once it has been completed


– A full refund will be provided if either the artist or commissionee agree to cancel the commission before I have started work on it
– Refunds will not be issued on completed commissions