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Are you a Badass at making money?

On Monday I got back from Reno, after a great time at the Biggest Little FurCon furry convention. So many people, so many fun things to do (okay, so most of what I did involved sitting at a table and drawing for about 11 hours a day, but I was with my friends, so it […]

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Where I’ll be in 2017

I’ll be at a number of conventions in 2017. Here’s where you’ll find me: Texas Furry Fiesta – Dallas TX, March 24-26 Biggest Little FurCon – Reno NV, June 1-4 Fur-Eh! – Edmonton AB, June 15-18 Anthrocon – Pittsburgh PA, June 29-July 2 Anthro NW – Seattle, WA, November 9-12 Midwest Furfest – Chicago IL, […]

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