Introducing my new Paper Doll Digital Badge commissions!

My adorable chibi badges are now available in a budget-friendly digital style. Using the stock pose, you can choose your character’s features, have it custom coloured, with three introductory outfits to choose from. More outfits and accessories are on the way, so you can keep dressing up your Paper Doll!

For only $45 US you can customize your badge based on the options shown here.

Here’s what to do:

1) Start with a body template using the character varieties here OR you can mix and match body features on the Google form (muzzle, ears, tail, etc). Click here for the Google Form!

2) Choose an outfit: pick a top and a bottom from the options shown. You can pick your favourite colours. You can also have an additional outfit(s) for $5 extra.

3) Choose a hairstyle from the options shown.

4) Choose the style of lettering you’d like your name to be printed in on your badge.

5) I’ll reply to your order and send you a PayPal invoice.

6) When your Paper Doll badge is ready I’ll send you the digital files at 300 dpi. Print out your badge, or show it off online 🙂

Get started now!


















Fill out the Google form to get started or email me for more info



My fursona is a mix of a husky and fox.
No problem–you can mix and match animal features on the
form (say husky ears and fox tail, pointy fox muzzle and big paws).

Can I get more than one outfit?
Sure–your order comes with one outfit, and you can add more outfits
for $5 each.

I want a Paw Patrol logo on my t-shirt.
Outfits can be custom coloured, but additional designs are not included.
If you’re looking for something completely custom, you can order one of
my regular badges, either digital or marker, starting at $80.

Will there be more outfits available for my Paper Doll?
Absolutely! I’ll be adding outfit packages soon, including onesies, sleepers,
accessories (glasses, shoes, collars) and toys (plushy, bottle). If you have ideas
for me, feel free to email me your suggestions.

Can I orint my Digital Badge?
Sure–feel free to print it out and laminate it!

Can I share my Digital Badge online?
Yes! Feel free to share your badge online. Please credit me in your post and
include a link back to my website:

More questions? Click here to drop me an email!

Christmas Paper Doll Outfits

Dress your Paper Doll in a festive outfit. Each outfit is $10 US, and you can choose one for your Paper Doll, or both if you like. I’ll format your doll with the new outfit and send you the digital badge file.

If you don’t have a doll yet, you can add one for $45 (which comes with its own first outfit). Click on the Google form to get started!