I am available for single-session workshops and lengthier Artist in Residence programs.
I believe that all art tells a story, so the focus of my classes is visual storytelling. Age-appropriate lessons are tailored to children from Kindergarten to junior high.

Why visual storytelling? Graphic novels, once just limited to superheroes and Archie or newspaper strip collections, are now a major presence in bookstores and libraries. They cover all genres, fiction and non-fiction, and can be serious or silly. They provide a unique format to tell a story, in which words and pictures communicate together. In creating a comic, students develop skills in communicating ideas, reading and conveying expressions and body language, and creativity and problem-solving. Students find my workshops fun and engaging, and anyone can make a comic, regardless of drawing ability.
Please email me or contact me by phone (403-241-6479) to arrange a school visit that students are sure to remember!

Storytelling Through Art workshop (approx. 2 hours) $200:
How our ancient ancestors told stories and why
How and why we use art today
Using an art journal style, students draw a picture of a meaningful moment in their life and write a short paragraph about it.

First Nations Art workshop (approx. 2 hours) $200:
How ancient First Nations peoples used art
What animal symbology meant in First Nations legends
See examples of contemporary Canadian First Nations art: Inuit, West Coast, and Woodlands—what makes them unique
See examples of my own Spirit of Nature art—characteristics
Students create their own artwork, choosing one animal that is important to them or whose characteristics they see in themselves.

Visual Storytelling Artist in Residence program:
Duration, and schedule are flexible, and lessons can be tailored to classroom curriculum.
The program is based on six 1-hour lessons per class. A daily rate of $375 is based on five 1-hour lessons per day and covers:
• basic cartooning skills
• how to create a character
• communication and expression
• story development, and how art and writing work together to tell a story.
Students will create their own 4-panel comic strip (students in Kindergarten/Grade 1 will do a one-picture story).
This workshop can be modified for older grades (Gr. 6-9) with an emphasis on graphic novels and sequential art. Students will create a short 3-page comic story, which they will write and illustrate. The students will need to work on their projects in between lessons.